Questions to Ask Your Doctor About RSD

  1. Do I have RSD / CRPS?
  2. How can you be certain that I have RSD/CRPS as opposed to some other condition?
  3. What is the prognosis for someone in my condition with RSD / CRPS?
  4. What are my treatment options?
  5. What treatments do you recommend and do you have a specific treatment protocol for RSD / CRPS?
  6. Are there any activities that I can engage in that can improve my condition or prevent it from worsening?
  7. Do you have experience in caring for and treating RSD / CRPS?
  8. What specialists in the immediate area are most qualified to deal with and treat this disease?
  9. Are there other healthcare professionals that should be involved in my treatment?
  10. Are there any RSD / CRPS support groups in this area?
  11. Is there any expected medical care and treatment that would be helpful to me that may or may not be covered by my health insurance policy?

RSD Overview

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Will Research On Neuropathic Pain Help RSD/CRPS Patients?
RSD - Info Center, BELT LAW FIRM
February 5, 2014

RSD/CRPS produces true chronic pain in patients due to its effect on their Central Nervous System with new research indicating ...

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The personal injury attorneys at Belt Law Firm have successfully represented RSD/CRPS clients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. These cases involved injuries from automobile accidents (shoulder injury, ankle fracture), product malfunctions (hand crush, wrist fracture), slip and falls (knee contusion, wrist fracture), poorly performed blood draws (antecubital pain), and crush injuries (ankle, Achilles tendon).

Among the settlements we have achieved in RSD/CRPS cases are: $2,500,000 for a (AL) slip and fall case involving a woman who developed RSD after suffering a broken wrist, $1,300,000 for a (FL) case where a woman developed RSD after an improperly performed blood draw, and $800,000 for a (TN) woman who developed RSD after suffering a bruised knee due to a slip and fall in a grocery store. ...Read More

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