RSD Impacts Quality of Life and Causes

Impact on Quality of Life

RSD / CRPS can be a lifelong condition that can have a significant impact not only on the patient but also on the family and friends of the patient. This condition can seriously affect the patient’s ability to work or maintain gainful employment. This condition can also force the patient to give up leisure activities or exercise regimens. Finally, patients with chronic RSD / CRPS often have difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, and overall loss of the ability to enjoy life.

The culmination of these problems may create a financial and social strain on the patient and his family. Chronic RSD often results in reduced income or unemployment and additional medical expenses required for the various treatments which may or may not be covered by insurance.

Psychological Burden

Because there is currently no cure for RSD / CRPS, the disorder may persist for a prolonged period of time and may be incurable. Due to the prospect of not being able to be cured, the disease frequently causes a serious psychological burden on the patient. When combining this fact with the chronic, severe nature of the pain experienced, patients are often susceptible to depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation, and a sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

It is important for patients and their families to recognize and understand these ramifications and be prepared to deal with these symptoms as part of a long-term care plan. The patient should be encouraged to join a support group or to seek psychological counseling if appropriate.

RSD Overview

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Among the settlements we have achieved in RSD/CRPS cases are: $2,500,000 for a (AL) slip and fall case involving a woman who developed RSD after suffering a broken wrist, $1,300,000 for a (FL) case where a woman developed RSD after an improperly performed blood draw, and $800,000 for a (TN) woman who developed RSD after suffering a bruised knee due to a slip and fall in a grocery store. ...Read More

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