Should Radiofrequency (RFA) Be Utilized To Treat RSD/CRPS?

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RSD/CRPS produces true chronic pain in patients that exceeds all scales of pain measurement due to its effect on their Central Nervous System.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Radiofrequency neurotomy is a procedure to reduce back and neck pain. It uses heat generated by radio waves to damage specific nerves and temporarily interfere with their ability to transmit pain signals. In radiofrequency neurotomy, the radio waves are delivered to the targeted nerves via needles inserted through the skin above your spine. Imaging scans are used during radiofrequency neurotomy to help the doctor position the needles precisely.

Radiofrequency neurotomy is most commonly performed by doctors specializing in the treatment of pain. The goal is to temporarily reduce chronic pain in the back or neck that hasn’t been adequately relieved by other means, such as medications or physical therapy.

Common side effects include:

  • Temporary numbness
  • Pain at the procedure site

Rarely, more-serious side effects occur, including:

  • Long-term numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence

Dr. Hooshmand states that the most traumatic of all invasive treatments is Radiofrequency nerve ablation and block, since it is done with a heat generating Radiofrequency electrode causing a boiling hot temperature at the target area which coagulates, destroys and kills the nerve fibers and nerve cells. Because the Radiofrequency damage causes high temperature in the adjacent areas of the target, it also destroys the adjacent normal nerves causing a much larger lesion and scar formation with spread and aggravation of pain in a permanent fashion.

In RSD/CRPS the sympathetic system is dysfunctional rather than simply being hyperactive. The longer the disease is left untreated and the more surgical scars, the more dysfunctional the sympathetic system becomes. This is the reason for practically 100% failure of treating RSD/CRPS with sympathectomy, Radiofrequency nerve destruction and chemical blocks with alcohol, phenol, etc.

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